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Whether you want to invest your cash for a specific period of time or keep it handy for daily access,
there are options available to you.

Pending Investment Needs

Every optionsXpress Singapore brokerage account includes a cash feature. This cash is available to make an investment without the need to transfer money or liquidate a current position.

The Singapore Sweep feature is intended for "transactional cash", does not pay interest or dividends and is not protected by SIPC. For "investment cash" that you intend to hold as a core component of your portfolio, please consider alternative investment vehicles.


Product OfferingsMaturity
Treasuries3 months +
Agencies6 months +
Corporates AAA6 months +
Municipals AAA1 year +

Certain exceptions apply. To find out which cash feature you have or to make a change, call (+65) 6536-3922.